Concrete corrosion is the deterioration of a material, usually a metal, that results from a chemical reaction with its environment. Most commonly this is the corrosion of metal reinforcement bars due to the carbonation of hardened cement paste or chloride attack. The corrosion results in rust which occupies a greater volume than the steel and exerts destructive stresses on the surrounding concrete causing it to degrade impacting the integrity of the concrete.

To repair the concrete, we firstly remove the cracked and degraded concrete to a depth of 20 to 30 mm behind the metal reinforcing bars, exposing the bars and allowing for the removal of contaminated concrete. Secondly, the  corroded material is removed and the steel is either treated or replaced. Finally concrete is applied to the surface using modern polymers to improve adhesion and resistance of future contaminants. Gagliardi Bros prides itself on matching the repair work to ensure visual appeal. 


“We take pride in our workmanship and work with our clients to achieve the best results - client satisfaction is paramount to us”


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